About Silver Print Gallery
From its inception the gallery has shown the works of Israel's leading photographers, both past and present, whose images are an integral part of the Israeli ethos. Each of the photographers reflects a combination of local reality and international style Some are known internationally through books and exhibitions, and others need to be better known. The opening exhibition in 1989, The Lure of Petra, was devoted to works by Avraham Soskin, the legendary first Tel Aviv photographer and Neil Folberg who had just completed his Sinai series with its accompanying book, In a Desert Land, and now has his own gallery, Vision Gallery in Jerusalem. The photographs that I have consistently chosen to include in the gallery listings are not only fine visual images, but which also have deep cultural connections with this land. The gallery is, by extension, associated with my research and curatorial activities.
Silver Print Gallery, Ein Hod, 972-4-9541673
Vivienne Silver-Brody, specialist for collecting Israeli photography, photo historian, free-lance curator, and teacher, started the Silver Print Gallery in Jerusalem in 1985 when there were no other photo galleries. The gallery specializes in vintage nineteenth and twentieth century contemporary Israeli photography; in building collections and bringing to potential collectors a wide knowledge of local photography. The gallery is now situated in the artists' village of Ein Hod on the Carmel.
  • Boris Carmi, 1914-2002
    Author Yoram Kaniuk, a friend of Carmi's, perhaps expressed the inner meaning of his work most...